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Home to the Baskets of Love

Akron Bible Church food pantry and home to the Baskets of Love

The Agape Storehouse, Akron Bible Church's food pantry and home to the "Baskets of Love" Christmas Outreach. A food ministry that was founded by Pastor Howard Duma in 1980.

"for I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:" -Matthew 25:35

Every year all the members and the many ministries of Akron Bible Church come together during the holidays and carry out their mission statement.

Love God, Love Others, & Make Christ Known

Pastor Larry and Henri Etta spend months making preparations, taking donations, collecting the food and toiletries used to put together a collection of gift bags known as a "Basket of Love".
These "baskets" come with groceries, a complete Christmas meal, some basic essentials like gloves, or chap stick and other household items.

The second week of December after service, Akron Bible Church brings something good to the hood. Taking to the streets, delivering "Baskets of Love" to families in need. Sharing with them the true meaning of Christmas, spending time with the families, praying with them, and loving on them.

The Agape Storehouse opens its doors on Wednesday evening suppling many families in the community with the basic essentials to get by each week, Assist those in neighboring communities with mobile pop-up pantries, while preparing for next years season of "Baskets of Love".

Reverend Larry Lockhart and his wife Henri Etta volunteered for the Baskets of Love Christmas Outreach for the first time in 2007.

Pastor Larry was ordained and became the Director of the Baskets of Love ministry in 2009.

In 2010 the Lord spoke to Pastor Larry motivating him to run the ministry all year long, Obviously God knew what he was doing and according to his will and perfect timing the ministry became an agency of the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank

In 2013 Pastor and Henri Etta moved the ministry from the basement of the church and the kitchen of their home to the Agape Storehouse at 340 E. South St. in Akron.

8 Years Later

2021 - Baskets of Love/Agape Storehouse in 2020 impacted the community with over 120 tons of food and 16 tons of fresh produce (according to ACRFB) .

The Agape Storehouse is now one of Akron Canton Regional Food Bank's extra large agencies, passing the 2021 annual inspection with a 97% (A) rating.

*There are full testimonies to each of these major moves by God.



Rev. Larry & Henri Etta Lockhart


340 E. South St. Akron, OH 44311


Food Pantry is open Wednesday's 5:30PM - 6:00PM