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Pastor Randy Baker from the mean streets of the Mason Park area. A low-income, inner city neighborhood on Akron's east side. It was there he grew up in a Godly home as a motorcycle enthusiast and athlete. Developing a passion for motorcycles and football he would play as number 38 in high school, and become known as a honor student,
"Yes your Honor"
"No your Honor"

After high school Randy would join the retail sector of the workforce, starting a small business selling movies. Before you could buy on Amazon, steam on Netflx, rent through the mail with Redbox, or in person from brick and mortar businesses like BlockBuster, Hollywood Video, or VideoTime, Randy Baker would deliver movies to the homes of many Akron residents. With his clientele and business booming on the weekends, his delivering of movies would turn into the picking up of drugs.

Randy found himself lost and battling an addiction to crack cocaine before excepting his dads invitation to Promise Keepers in 1995.

Randy Baker

Randy Baker

Senior Pastor





Cindy Baker
June 24, 1995
February 1998
Kingdom Knights
Hope Cafe
Haven of Rest
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